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should gun control be legal

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should gun control be legal

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Should gun control be legal?
The discussion whether guns should be allowed in the campus has been all over. This might be because of the basic reason of security. Those in the campus, that is, instructors, students and other staff think that their environment might not be safe enough and because of these they need a gun to improve their security. It is an issue that has raised concern and it is worth checking so as to hear from those affected and what they think about the same issue. The best way to gather the information was to conduct interviews around the campus so as to hear what different people have to say about the same.
Some people thought that guns should absolutely be allowed to everyone in the campus. Criminals nowadays are targeting schools and colleges where they can at least have a large body count. The reason behind these is because they are well aware that those around campuses are the most defenseless. So they can just get in freeze everyone with one gun shot and then start killing people. Suppose everyone in campus had his or her gun, these gunmen could be coming in and when they threaten to kill anyone, then the students will be well ready with their guns to defend themselves. More to that if the gunmen get a chance to kill a certain student, and then the person next can draw his or her gun and shoot the criminal to prevent him or her killing or hurting others (Roleff, 12).
Another reason why guns can be allowed is to prevent people like rapists. An innocent, harmless girl can be rapped or harassed without doing anything. But if this girl had a gun she can be able to scare the rapist away in case such a thing happens. Criminals cannot be controlled on where or how they will get their guns because in one way or another they will still do.
Other people were of the view that guns should not be allowed in campus completely. The reason behind these is that some rowdy students might get drunk and decide to show their shooting skills around campus. This might lead to them hurting or killing their fellow students and these can be a very big problem to deal with since the issue of drunkenness is difficult to handle.
Some students may still decide to do extreme things like threatening their teachers for grades. It is well known that most students are not always contented with the results their teachers give them and they might decide to threaten them for more marks. Other students have a problem of controlling their anger and so when arguments rise between them and other students they might just draw their guns and shoot their fellow students, and these might result to a lot of deaths and students getting hurt (Susan, 15).
In conclusion and with all the above put into considerations, allowing of guns in campus should be put with a lot of strict measures put in place. Those in campus should be taught how to use the guns and when it is necessary to use them. And if they will not be allowed to have them then proper protection should be provided to those in the campus at all time. The campus security can be allowed to have the guns and they should be well trained to handle all situations so as to curb all threats of security.
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