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should football rules be changed due to the increasing cases of concussions

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American football is one of the country’s preferred pastimes but also one of the most dangerous. It is characterized by intense speeds and hard tackles. It is for this reason that the sport is conducive to several serious injuries. However, the one that has gained much attention is a concussion and the resulting traumatic brain injury.  In the year 2012, the National Football League (NFL) recorded a total of 189 concussions in the course of the regular season. This translates to about 11 concussions every week (Bernstein 1). It is for this reason that the NFL introduced rules regarding the wearing of helmets to reduce the number of injuries and related complications. The system is intended to work with a player being watched by not only the medical team but also the officiating staff, an expert observer and plenty of cameras that give every angle of play. However, the changing of the football rules does not work, but rather takes so much away from the game.
Why Changing Rules Doesn’t Work
The NFL has undertaken measures to improve its concussion protocol. However, the system is not working. The number of concussions has not reduced as intended by the NFL. Factors such as fines, rule changes and improved equipment have done little to reduce the number of concussions suffered in the NFL. Concussions are not visible like other physical injuries. A player may appear normal yet they might have a traumatic brain injury. The…

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