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Should american accept Syria refugees?

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Should american accept Syria refugees?

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American should accept Syrian refugees
Since World War Two, the Middle East region has been tossed into endless wars and conflict. The conflict has had vast consequences of displacing people and leading to mass mortality. The question of the Middle East has been difficult to solve with the many emerging terror groups due to the conflicting nature of the region. Recently, a Syrian terrorist group labeled ISIS emerged and unleashed terror on civilians. Many people think that the group has majorly targeted non-Muslims. However recent findings indicate that the terror group has sought to terrorize civilians regardless of religion and nationality. The emergence of the ISIS has translated to a refugee situation, a complex phenomenon facing contemporary political systems, both locally and internationally. There has emerged a mass exodus of Syrian refugees seeking to settle in the United States of America. The question as to whether the United States should allow refuges into the nation has aroused much controversy in the political quarters. The recent terror attack on Paris, the French capital, has reignited the debate with many leaders questioning the safety of the American citizens if they accepted the refugees. In his article, George Skelton highlights the fact that 30 governors, mostly republicans, stated that they would not allow Syrian refugees into the states they represent (Skelton, para. 1). This paper seeks to highlight the reasons why the U.S should accept Syrian refugees.
The United States of America immigration department should carefully scrutinize Syrian refugees and accept those that do not pose a threat to national security. Security of American civilians has always been the central question in the debate about Syrian refugees. Many people have this fear that the ISIS might replicate the attacks in Paris in their homeland (Smith, para. 4). Paul Ryan explores the tight balance between the safety of civilians and compassion to do the morally upright thing of accepting refugees. In his article labeled ‘On refugees, balance compassion and safety’ he writes that, “Terrorists have made it clear that they intend to infiltrate this refugee population to reach the West and carry out other attacks” (Ryan, para. 3).
However, with the tight measures in the immigration department of the U.S government, this would be exceedingly difficult to come to pass. In his article, Paul Ryan explores that the FBI’s director James Comey and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson explained that it was very difficult to scrutinize Syrian refugees using background search to distinguish genuine refugees from would-be terrorists. The reasoning behind this notion is that the United States has not stored a database of information pertaining Syrian nationals (Koran, para. 17). Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson further highlighted that, “It is true that we are not going to know a whole lot about the Syrians that come forth in this process…that is a challenge…we know that organizations like ISIL might like to exploit this program” (Ryan, para. 8). The article by Paul Ryan confirms that the major security agencies in the United States have already put into perspective the challenges to expect if the United States chose to accept Syrian refugees. Both the FBI and homeland security admit that they have anticipated the issue of terrorists disguising themselves as refugees to forge attacks on American soil. With the measures already in place, it would only be lenient that the United States accepts Syrian nationals that are trying to flee from their war-torn country.

The refugee question has threatened to tear Washington D.C apart with many politicians finding themselves at the center of the debate on whether to allow Syrian refugees into the country or not. Human rights watchdogs have sought to intervene into the matter with the notion that, in a free world, every human deserves basic rights that make them human. The continued efforts of the United States to try and resist to offer help to refugees only casts the United States in bad light. Importantly, the image of the United States is at stake. It is only prudent that the U.S accepts the Syrian refugees if they are to regain their image of a humanitarian country.
The exodus of Syrian refugees has constantly made terrorism a tangible threat in the United States. However, there is the bigger picture in this whole debate. People who have trekked thousands of miles and sailed in half sinking boats have more pressing issues than trying to launch an attack in the United States. They have traveled extremely long distances in a bid to escape the same violence that the United States fears. How would it then be possible that these refugees desire to attack the United States? In any case, the United Sates has stable immigration structures to deal with the problem of terrorism. Immigration in the United States is not a new topic. Previously, the United States has been the home of refugees from many countries escaping war. In the past, the U.S is recorded to have taken in Iraqi nationals fleeing from war. Following this, there has never been a tangible terrorism event as a result of the immigration. How then would it be justified to deny the Syrians asylum despite the fact that they face a genuine problem? The rhetoric questions are endless.
If the U.S wants to end extremism in the world like it has often been stated, then it would mean that taking in refugees from such war-torn areas is far much better than allowing them to languish and face the effects of ruthless groups like the ISIS. Scholars have further highlighted that terrorism I a vicious cycle. A few scholars are of the notion that if children are bought up in a society filled with terrorist events, then the character of violence and possibly terrorism will be cultivated among them. The U.S is credited as the country that takes many refugees than any other country. In the context of other refugees, the United States uses organizations such as churches and other groups to ensure that refugees fit in and bend with the American system. The same can be done with Syrian refugees because there exist channels and blueprints in place to accommodate such a population.
A commonly misplaced notion is that refuges seek to pose a burden to the economy. On the contrary, studies have indicated that some groups of refugees especially those from the Middle East often begin businesses due to their enterprising nature. This is according to a report filed by the Australian Bureau of statistics. The spirit of entrepreneurship of refugees and people that have been displaced has only been described as mythic. In the United States alone, Immigrants or their sons, are credited to have founded over 40% of the 500 fortune companies in the United States (Anderson, para. 2). Analysts think that Syrians refugees could potentially have such an effect on the U.S economy if they are allowed in.
In conclusion, the Issue of Syrian refugees has recently been a complex one to deal with. Emotional debates have come to light on the reasons for and against the offering of asylum to Syrian nationals that are desperately looking to settle in peaceful areas. A lot of concern has been raised over the security of civilians especially in the case of the United States which has previously experienced a devastating terror attack in its history. However, despite the few reasons that make the U.S opposed to the issue of settling Syrian immigrants, a lot is left unturned. There are numerous reasons as to why the U.S should accept Syrian refugees. Sadly, this has been shadowed by the mere excuse of trying to safeguard national security. The Syrian refugees, just like any other humans seeking asylum deserve to the granted just that. They say the U.S is a free world, a country that hoped to fight for equality of all humans while delivering the American dream. However, the recent denial of asylum to genuine refugees from Syria has continued to tarnish the image of the U.S. Many countries such as Canada and Germany have already taken thousands of refugees. Even France which was recently attacked has opened her doors to Syrian refugees. This has left a lot to be asked as to why the U.S is still adamant in resisting to offer asylum to Syrians fleeing from conflict.
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