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shortage of registered nurses

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shortage of registered nurses

Category: Application Letter

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Shortage of Registered Nurses
The issue of shortage of registered nurses is an international crisis that goes against the dream of achieving quality health care globally. So far, the stakeholder in health sectors for both high and low-income nations are finding difficulties in planning and organising sustainable health care for their clients. It has been recorded that, in Africa a single nurse can be in charge of caring 50 patients (Barke, 345). Statistics shows that Africa is lacking more than 600000 nurses who will ensure quality health provision.
On the other hand, the high-income nation like Britain and the United States are in short of nurses but they have an option of recruiting quality nurses from low-income countries. The thesis statement in this article is that shortage of registered nurses is a global problem that needs to be considered. There are many factors that cause the shortage of nurses these are expensive fee needed to study nursing, shortage of nursing school, brain drainage, an unethical practice that cause nurses to be expelled from the nursing practice, workforce imbalance, job motivations, environmental factors, the state of security, poor infrastructure (Staudinger, Bettina, Victoria, and Herwig, 345)
Consequently, shortage of registered nurses is caused by high cost of studying nursing practice. To join a nursing school, potential students rely heavily on scholarship to complete their education. It has been r…

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