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short story love is Fallacy

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short story love is Fallacy

Category: Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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Short story “love is Fallacy.”
This story from the novel brings out many stereotypes and false arguments brought forth by Max Shulman depicting the constant interactions socially on a daily basis. In the book, the author is acquainted with his roommate Petey who has a friend and a potential lover called Polly (Shulman 1995). The novel reveals antiwomen instances such that Shulman merely uses his intuition to judge and conclude that Polly is foolish after having limited interactions with her. He barely gives any solid reasons to back up his claim other than the mere excuse that he “knows” or has a more profound feeling. The short conversations he experiences with Polly give him the reason to conclude that Polly has a warped sense of thinking only because she has an accent from her vernacular and she shortens her words.
Polly is looked down upon by Shulman who terms her as feeble-minded and straightforward just by her way of communication and declares to teach her his form of “intelligence” by use of logic. He feels obliged to inform her how to think like an intelligent person with the hidden aim of making Polly his lover (Shulman 1995). There is a superficial judgment of women’s character as displayed in the novel when women shorten their words; Polly is termed as unintelligent and in dire need of saving by Shulman to teach her logia. However, when he explains to Polly his form of logic, she eventually uses it against him thus proving in…

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