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Shame and Guilt

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Shame and Guilt
“Tartuffe” by Moliere
Tartuffe meaning hypocrisy was written by Moliere a skilled master in the worldly sector of the social elite in Paris during the reign of Louis the fourteen, an era in which personality and dominance in court prevailed. The release of the play Tartuffe brought a lot of controversies in the court and about the king`s tutor and confessor thus resulting in its ban.
In this article, I explain and point out the characters and characteristics of the actors featured and how they drew the elements of shame and guilt to their families and themselves. In the play, a reader can predict a blowing storm in Organs’ family that they could not see because of Tartuffe, the homeless and sacred man Orgon had taken in and also by how deluded he had become over him.
When Orgon comes back from the nation, we see how he gets fixated on Tartuffe rather than about his out wife. Orgon becomes outraged when his brother by marriage, Cléante lets him know he has been acting like an imbecile but at this point Orgon endeavors to clarify why Tartuffe is such an extraordinary and excellent man. Cléante sees through his brother Orgon unsound thinking mind and decides to get some information about the reputed rumor of Mariane’s wedding (Orgon’s little girl).
Orgon calls Mariane for a talk to investigate if she had filings for about Tartuffe. Orgon pops the big question on Mariane; she…

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