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Shakespear Henry V

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Shakespear Henry V

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: High School

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Shakespeare Henry v
Henry having come from humble background and exponentially rises to the kingship is one thing that he sticks. He deems his subjects worthwhile. He comes out as very merciful especially when he acts as a judge and decides to set free an inmate citing the offense the prisoner committed as minor and does not get along with the punishment that was earlier meted out to the inmate. He is also brought out as noble and administrative. This comes out when he cordially and freely speaks to the common people of a class that does not match his. As a king, Henry V ought to be relating closely and communicating to fellow kings and such dignitaries but he spoke to his subjects freely.
As he comes out as being disturbed about the religious rightness of the French and its leadership. He takes advantage of the Archbishops pieces of advice as he fully believes that he being the king is fully righteous, and the French must listen to him. He takes on the Archbishop citing the word of God and the scriptural contents, and this openly leads him to claim the French lands. He finally thinks that people will adore him more than God after his journey back to London. He has inflicted fear in the French and can now carry out a successful attack.
When Henry V triumphs in the court, he gives glory to God and his grand entry to London, he feels so worried that people could be glorifying him and not God. It is a clear indication that he is manipulative in th…

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