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Sexual Violence In Mexican Criminal Justice

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Sexual Violence In Mexican Criminal Justice

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Sexual Violence in Mexican Criminal Justice
The Article by Amnesty International (1) titled, “Mexico: Sexual violence routinely used as torture to secure “confessions” from women” is a report put forth in 2016 by the organization on the treatment of arrested women in Mexico.
When I read the article, it was surprising that the police and other security forces would use crooked methods for the sake of boosting their figures. In essence, they are supposed to be protecting citizens from crimes and but in this case; the citizens are suffering in their hands.
Another surprising thing from the article is the number of cases opened versus the number of women who reported the abuse. Only 22 cases were opened against the 66 cases recounted.
Lastly, it is shocking to see that the authority is only concerned with putting people behind bars regardless of whether one is guilty or not. This means that most of the people in prison are there not because they are guilty but because of being coerced.
After reading the article, it is confusing to me since I cannot understand why the police would interrogate the women without their lawyers being present. Furthermore, the fact that the interrogations were not recorded is beyond comprehension. In most criminal cases, the confessions are videotaped so that the jury and the judge might have an understanding of the circumstances of the investigations.
Secondly, the author …

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