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Sexual Harassment (North Country)

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Sexual Harassment (North Country)

Category: Movie Review

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Sexual Harassment (North Country)
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North Country is a movie that has impacted the audience with vast knowledge about sexual harassment that gets manifested in our contemporary societies and the workplaces. The focal point of the film focuses on the female protagonist view. The movie depicts a legal battle with various women who underwent hostile working environment only to earn a living for their children. The central character here is Josie Aimes who after living her abusive husband went to work in a mining company (Eveleth, MN) in Northern Minnesota.
Multicultural issues showed in the movie: The film (North Country) depicts multi-cultural matters such as the gender discrimination, sexual harassment and poor treatment of the female workers. These issues relate to the central topic that is the inequality and sexual harassment shown by the male counterparts/workmates. Josey gets raped by the high school teacher and faced heterosexual male behavior even at the workplace.
The Struggle in the film: At the focus of the movie, there is a woman known as Josie, who underwent various sexual terrorism together with her fellow women coworkers. The women faced brutal and pervasive harassment as they endeavor to earn a living from the mine. The brutal reprisals continue as Sherry also comes across a semen in her locker. The struggle that women undergo here is job-based, and this gets manifested when Josey finally seek the court ruling on the brutality and male dominance at the mines. Bobby Sharp and the manager of the mine are seen doing everything to ensure women in the mine gets abused. The president in turn tells Josey that he is not interested in her accusations.
Current similar issues faced in the society: It is true that the legal struggle and sexual harassment that women undergo in workplaces still entrench in our modern societies. For instance, in the attempts to seek for an employment opportunity, male managers have taken advantage to harass sexually the females for the posts. Indeed, workplaces have been the center of female sexual abuse and heterosexual behaviors of men.
Remedies of the conflict in the film: Josey is unable to tolerate the struggle as even the fellow women turn against her. She decides to quit the job and goes to Bill White, who is a lawyer. She hoped to sue the company and in return get her job back. At the court, the two faced a formidable opponent since Mr. Pearson (company owner) had wealth and powerful layers that could manipulate the case. However, the judge tells Bill and Josey that their class action suit will be considered. The two persevered against the challenges, only to get their case approved that eventually ended in a historic defeat of the company. The ruling was for Josey.
Resources used to solve the conflict: One of the outstanding resources that were used to handle the conflict is through the court of law. Josey and Bill White had to seek for a lawsuit action and filed the case against the mining company. This step was as a result of the Jersey’s extreme strength, courage and her ability to stand firm for herself.
Impacts of the movie: North Country has instilled an idea in my mind that sexual harassment of females in work settings is a culture in many workplaces. Men dominate and discriminate women and only seen as objects for sexual satisfaction. The movie has shown how hegemonic masculinity gets exercised in the contemporary society. Secondly, the movie has ascertained that exertion of power and dominance by the males over the females is the resultant factor for sexual harassment in social settings. Men want to dominate over the women and will do anything to show women that they are the vulnerable persons in the society.
Attitude change in the movie: There is an attitude change that occurred at the court. For instance, the case emphasized more on the Josey’s sex life other than the partition filed on the sexual harassment and brutality that women experienced in the workplaces. This change in attitude shift from the central theme although it tells more of the Jessie’s situation chronologically. Additionally, all the men’s traits are caricatured. This behavior portrayed a change in attitude for instance when Josie’s father who is a misogynist, suddenly shows a change of heart.
Conclusively, the North Country film demonstrated an impressive film that focuses on the importance of legal issues in our society. There is also lessons of gender discrimination and stereography that gets depicted in the video. Ideally, women are seen in many cultures to possess nothing better rather than offering sexual satisfaction and child rearing. These aspects must be the reason males harass them in workplaces as seen in North Country film.

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