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Sex Addiction

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Sex Addictions
Attention Getter: Jessie James, Tiger Woods, and Michael Douglas are three noticeable celebrities that all suffer from sex addiction.
Psychological Orientation: At the end of this presentation, discuss if you feel that it is a true addiction or just another way to cover lies.
Credibility: Working in the Professional Medical Field with a psychiatrist I’ve encountered this types of issues in patients.
Logical Orientation: Today we are going to take a subjective look at sex addiction, and I am going to inform you on sex addiction by examining the definition and causes of sexual addiction, exploring the signs and symptoms of sexual addiction, and assessing the diagnosis and treatments.
Connective to the body of speech: By the end you’ll be able to recognize if someone you know is a sex addict.
1st Main Point
Examining the definition and causes of sexual addiction
Subpoint: Sexual addiction is said to be the behavior of a person who has an unusually intense sex drive or an obsession with sex then feels guilty about it.
– Supporting material: The thought of a sex addict tends to be dominated by sex or sexual pleasure.
Subpoint: This thought makes it difficult for a sex addict to have a healthy personal relationship.
Supporting material: Like all any other addiction, sex addicts also tend to blame others for their issues
Connective to the body of speech: They deny their problems, attempt to rationalize and justify their behaviors, and may make excuses for their actions.
2nd Main Point
Examining the physical effect of sex addiction
Subpoint: Even though, the physical sign of sex addiction can result in a variety of physical complications but the most known is the feeling of being immobilized as a result of emotional and sexual obsessions.
– Supporting material: According to USDA, it suggests that 48% of women and 36% men who are suffering from sex addictions are currently affected by a venereal disease due to their behavior.
Subpoint: Additionally, unwanted pregnancy is common in relationship faced with sex addiction.
– Supporting material: It has been recorded that 70% of women suffering from sex addiction have experienced at least one unwanted pregnancy or undergone an abortion procedure in their life.
Connective to a body of speech: sex addiction is the serious illness that needs to be treated as soon as possible.
3rd Main Point
How to know if you are suffering from sex addiction
Subpoint: It is impossible to know if you are sex addict this is because sex addiction manifests itself in different in a variety of ways.
Supporting material: Currently, there is no official diagnostic test for sex addiction. But, it important check if you lose control on how you behavior sexually. First, when you’re sexual behavior are causing your life to be unmanageable.
Subpoint: Secondly, when you feel embarrassed, self-loathing even ashamed over your sexual behavior.
Supporting material: When you fail after you promise yourself to change. .
Connective to body of speech: when your day is always preoccupied with sex or sex related ritual then you are a potential sex addict
4th Main point
How do you treat sex addiction?
Subpoint: Many people may wonder if there is a specific medical cure for sex addiction. But, the reality is that no cure exists. Sex addiction is effectively managed or treated for life. This is because if sex addiction is not managed in time the victim will continue to experience extreme guilt that will result to low self-esteem. This can lead to depression. Therefore, health professionals have come up with different sex therapies to help sex addicts.
Supporting material: According to USDA, it suggests that six percent of the world population are suffering from sex addiction. The best therapies for this addiction are based on controlling your impulse to sexual engagement.
Subpoint: Examples of sex addiction therapies are counseling, medication, and cognitive behavioral therapy.
Supporting material: Cognitive behavioral therapy treatment is based on transforming the patient`s behaviors and thoughts. Additionally, the patient can be given techniques and equipment that are used to reduce sexual urges. These techniques can assist the patient and partner to control the intense symptoms related to sexual addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy is good because it is used to avoid relapse. The patient is always educated on how to avoid triggers or situations that could raise their sexual urges. Also, they are educated on how to develop relationships that are healthy and normal.
Counseling is aimed at exploring and correcting the underlying reasons that might have influenced the growth of the sex addiction. Medications involve the use of drugs used in obsessive-compulsive disorder treatment. For example, Prozac can be used to manage sex addiction because it is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor and is used to treat depression, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Connective to the body of speech: Even though, controlling the sexual urges may be challenging because sex is a significant part of life. Therapies are in place to ensure that sex does not consume the victim’s entire life.
ConclusionLogical closure: During the last 15 minutes we have examined the definition and causes of sexual addiction, the signs and symptoms of sexual addiction, and the diagnosis and treatments available.
Psychological closure: If you know of a loved one or someone who has a sexual addiction problem, it is of extreme importance to know that there are treatments out there for these types of issues. They are not alone!
Clincher: It is important to recognize the signs and symptoms of sexual addiction to keep away from becoming this person.

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