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Setting myself up for success in an online course

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“Succeeding in online courses”
Taking online courses gives students flexibility in when and when one wants to their coursework. However, the flexibility means the student needs to take some extra steps in order to succeed. The student will need to be proactive regarding a few of the structures they get in naturally in a “face-to-face course.” Contrary to believes regarding online courses that people hold; online courses are usually not “blow-off” classes. Online courses have the an academic rigor that is similar to their “face-to-face” counterparts. Many online classes contain content that is worth a full-semester yet offering the same half of the time; this, in turn, doubles the pace of the classes. Students taking these kinds of courses need to approach their online classes with this in mind so that they avoid falling behind. Participating actively in the online classes is a crucial element in succeeding in online courses. Being active helps one retain relevant information to the course while this exposes one to different perspectives that one may not have put into consideration before. Being an active member of the classes is also a good way of students getting to know their fellow students, which turn out to be hard in online environments.
To be able to succeed in my online classes, I plan to get an early start and develop a plan that will help in scheduling time for doing my coursework. Course instructors usually ha…

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