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Service to Medically Underserved Communities

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Service to Medically Underserved Communities

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Health

Level: University

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Service to Medically Underserved Communities
I believe in full adherence to the Hippocratic Oath in my service to the patients. In that line, I also think that the medically underserved communities should receive proper medical care to ensure that they live healthy lives. I would, therefore, never hesitate to give some help to someone who is unable to access medical care due to lack of finances. I have worked before with a medically underserved community, and I experienced firsthand how many people out there are in pain out of being shunned out by the society since they lack. Getting such an opportunity again is something that I would never take lightly as my passion for helping is immense.
I hail from a locality where access to healthcare was never an issue. Most people in the area were middle class, and a considerable number were rich. Therefore, there were many private medical centers where we would go whenever we required medical aid. I had never encountered a medically underserved community before. I hitherto thought that everyone was able to visit a well-equipped hospital and get treatment. However, after my experience at Scripps Memorial Hospital, I got a different perception of reality. I realized that many people continue to suffer in medically underserved communities.
I worked as a volunteer at the Scripps Memorial Hospital emergency room. During my stay at this facility, I learned a lot. Primarily, I realized…

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