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Serial Killer

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Serial Killer

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

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Serial Killer Case Study
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Presenting the problem.
My name is John Wayne Gacy, a national of the United States, a former building constructor, and a politician. I am a father, and I am married. Over the years, I have had mental problems that pushed me into committing heinous acts that involved hurting and injuring people. I now feel I need help overcoming these mental forces before it is too late to turn back.
History of the presenting problem.
John Wayne Gary was born in 1942 and was brought up in the suburban community of Chicago. John grew up in the care of his alcoholic father, John S. Gacy, who died at the age of 69 (1900-1969), who used to thrash him frequently following his violent rages. Wayne Gacy grew up in such an environment, and it was not long before he began developing instances of an identity crisis. As such, he actually doubted his being male and the whole of the masculinity aspect that he grew in inform of a boy. On one instance when he was at the age of eleven, Wayne Gacy got hit on the head while hanging out around a swing. This blow saw him get frequent blackouts for the most of the five years that followed the accident. It was later discovered by doctors that it was a clot in his brain that was later done away with following a series of medical procedures. Following that incident and the treatment that he underwent, Gacy started faking heart problems looking for attention, attention that he adequately recei…

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