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Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Business

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Reasons Behind Studying Management Healthcare
Institutional Affiliation
One of my childhood dreams was to serve in the healthcare sector. I had an interest in improving the reachability of health facilities to all parties. The aspirations would later reawaken when I got a job at a hospital, and I felt the urge to do better and realize my dreams. I have always wanted to manage a healthcare facility efficiently owing to the vast experience I have in the sector. I have encountered patients frustrated and despair under harsh health conditions which if better managed, would result in better results, and improve the standards of living. The time spent in the hospitals have been informative on the problems existing there, enjoyable by the satisfaction derived from helping a needy person and challenging in that at times I had to watch a patient helplessly even though there was nothing to do.
It was therefore essential for me to acquire relevant knowledge in this sector so that I can have an impact on it. The choice to join the course emanates from the passion and interest that I have towards healthcare and the helping the needy. The experience I have in the industry is relevant although there are still some aspects that are not yet clear, and it would help if I understood them deeply. Working in the hospital has allowed me to be exposed to real work environments and observe the type of works that professionals are involved in their daily routines.
Coupled with the releva…

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