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Category: Assessment

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

Pages: 1

Words: 275

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Carnegie was an admirable figure, or more of a villain of the Gilded Age
Andrew Carnegie was a worth hero admiration. He left a legacy of great philanthropist having initiated significant discoveries, such as insulin and science of dismantling nuclear weapons among other achievements. He was an ever-serious man willing to do anything to meet his interests and transform the entire world alone (American experience). However, he used the power of money to manipulate, control, manage and influence significant decisions in governments. In the business sector, he was a monopolizing industrialist with commanding authority in most of the manufacturing companies. He used political influence to dominate markets as well as eliminating competitors. He was a horrible employer who violated rights of employees.
Andrew Carnegie was an admirable figure because he established several free libraries accessible to the public in the entire country (Nasaw 10). It was a great achievement since it helped early scholars. He accumulated enormous wealth and developed a feeling that the rich people have an obligation of assisting in the growth and development of the nation. He promoted numerous charity works for the benefit of the public. He contributed over 90% of his wealth amounting to over 4.75 Billion dollars in the current economy (Nasaw 12). He was a peacemaker who developed endowments for unity and love and always discouraged civil …

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