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Category: Autobiography Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

Pages: 1

Words: 275

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The South Carolina Exposition and Protest
The protests in South Carolina started after the introduction of the tariffs on the imported manufactured or industrial goods mainly from Britain (Maier 4). These tariffs were subjected majorly on the products which were not produced locally. This aimed at offering protection to the infant domestic industries from foreign competition. Later, the tariff that was imposed on the foreign products became unpopular in the South which ended up with the secession threats. The Southerners constantly argued that there was an enhancement of the interest as consequence of the tax at their expense. This increased benefits of the manufacturing industries in the Northern. The trade restrictions inform of taxes or tariff on the foreign industry manufacture started after the 1812 War (Maier 5). By that time, the domestic or local manufacturing industry was still weak which necessitated the imposition of a trade embargo to reduce on the competition with the low priced and more efficient British manufactures.
However, the vice president to Andrew Jackson, John Calhoun who was a South Carolina native introduced the idea of nullification. This theory was used to declare that the tariff was unconstitutional and consequently it was no longer enforceable. Thus, this ended up in the “nullification crisis” (Khan Academy). The crisis was due to the views of President Andrew Jackson, and others i…

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