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Endangered Species
The Gray wolf is found in the artic, tundra and the eastern woodlands. Gray wolves can live in grasslands, deserts, forests and or arctic tundra. They generally inhabit areas with low human presence, low road densities, low livestock densities, and abundance of prey, and snow conditions. The Gray Wolf is endangered because of the trapping and hunting of wolves as they were a nuisance to animals and human beings.
Currently, the population of Gray Wolves is estimated to be between 7000 and 9000 in Alaska, 3500 in the lower states of the U.S. and a total of 200,000 wolves in 48 different countries in the world. There are approximately 10 other species connected to the Gray Wolf. The extinction of Gray wolves could have some effects on the human population, as well as, the ecological balance in their habitats.
Saved Species
The African Savannah Elephants are found in Savannah grasslands and forests in some parts of Africa such as Kenya. The species was saved through efforts by the WWF to conserve the elephants by improving their protection and management from poaching, reducing illegal ivory trade, mitigating human-elephant conflicts and building capacity within range countries. The public perception of these efforts were positive with people volunteering to support this cause. I feel that this rescue of the African Savannah Elephants was worthy and should be supported to prevent the extinction of the rich wildlife fro…

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