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Category: Business Plan

Subcategory: Medicine

Level: College

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G-free Pastries and Cakes
G-free pastries and cakes is a promising company that offers homemade pastries and cakes using gluten-free baking ingredients. Products made using gluten-free baking ingredients have become popular because of the requirements of coeliac patients diet. Also, more people are becoming more health conscious. Therefore, the idea to deal in such products does not come without competition from other companies that have realized the existence of this gap.
Competitive Landscape
G-free pastries and cakes will have to beat the competition from other direct competitors. For example, there is a Gluten-free Bakery. This is a big competitor because it offers almost the same advantages as G-free pastries and cakes, and as such, getting the customers to choose G-free pastries and cakes over Gluten-free requires extra effort. Even though these businesses are almost the same, G-free pastries and cakes is better because it offers delivery services to the willing customers. Gluten-free Bakery cannot beat this competitive advantage. Gluten-free Bakery does not offer personalization services. This means that G-free pastries and cakes company has a competitive advantage because it will attract the people who want customized products
Target Customers
The first category of customers that would find G-free pastries and cakes appealing is people who have Celiac Disease. Another group that makes up G-free pastries and cakes’ target cust…

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