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Security and Privacy

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Security and Privacy

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Security and Privacy
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Security and Privacy
Part 1
Theft IQ Test Response Sheet
Total Score = 70

Part II
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The Chosen Games
1. I.D theft face off
2. Auction Action
3. The case of the cyber criminal
4. Invasion of wireless hacker
Reasons behind Choosing Specific Games
I have chosen these games because I like to have some know-how about the four games and the message that they convey. The games I played are most based on common hacking/stealing techniques and principles that most peoples know about it. While playing these games, it gives me an idea how I should protect my system and how our data is vulnerable to hackers or cyber criminals. I never understand the core vulnerabilities in the online auction until after I played this game. I understand the threat and frauds in online auctions.
The first game is I.D theft face off. In this game, the character has lost his identity by some anonymous theft. Nowadays it often occurs to peoples who do not protect their passwords. Also, some people do not keep their antivirus up-to-date and are faced with vulnerabilities while opening spam emails frequently. These games have helped me to prevent and protect my personal information. It also gave me an idea of becoming the victim of I.D theft. Also, this game has given me the idea of recovering after facing identity theft issue. As part of the game, the character has to find his/her identity as part of the game. Moreover, he/she has to play the game to unlock his/her identity after answering some different questions in it. In every question, it unlocks his/her identity (that includes ears, eyes, lips, etc.). To make it more challenging, it should be borne in mind that the player has only three attempts. For each wrong answer, a chance is lost. Also, if the user fails to answer the question, his/her one life will be gone. If the user succeeds to give answers to a total of eight questions, the identity will be recovered.
My second game is Auction action. In this game, I have learned about online auction and understand the problem and threats while buying items online. They have divided the questions into categories(Auction basic, payment options, auction tips, and fraud). Using the setup auction game was something that I have not played before. And it has provided me with an opportunity to explore different threats and vulnerability as well. As part of the game, the user has to select which points taken to choose then for uncovering the question. Provided that the user succeeds to give right answers, s/he will be rewarded the token points. I choose this game because it helps me to learn about online auctions. This game idea is to prepare for online auction and telling the threats and fraud happen in the online auctions. Frauds are the most common factor that occurs in online auctions where the user never knows about which profile is fake or real. In this game, there are different scenario based questions where the user can develop their instinct whether or you want to go for this offer. However, if the user fails to give the correct answer, it also provides the reason that is very helpful to you in future. Solving these questions, I know how to buy items on online auction and the amount of information needed by online auction.
My third game is “The case of the cyber criminal”. In this game, the user has to defeat a cyber-criminal. Every time the cyber-criminals are always one step ahead, so it is very difficult to catch them. Hence, this game’s main objective is how to get ahead from hackers. The reason I have chosen this game because I did not know about defeating a cyber-criminal I do not know where the cybercriminal attack and how should I protect my system. After playing this game, I learned a lot from it, and it may be enough for stopping the cyber-criminal to steal my personal information from my system. This game has one hacker and has multiple tools for his job, but the users have the opportunity to get ahead by giving some answers to the question. Provided that the user gives correct answers s/he can get one hacker’s toolkit. However, for giving all corrects answer, the user can easily beat the hacker because the hacker has no tools for the hack.
My fourth game is “Invasion of Wireless Hacker”. It is widely known that there are invasions in the wireless network; however, people do not know how to protect from being hacked. In this game, the users have a scenario in which there are plenty of hackers that are trying to hack the system. Now it is time to take some measurable step to prevent from hacking. Every time the user chooses hacker there is the popup of question that you have to answer. If the user gives the correct answer, the threat will be gone. However, if the user fails to answer all the question, hackers come closer to your system to attack. As part of the game, the user has only eight chances to protect the system from hackers. This game has helped me to learn how to treat spam mails and not to use hotspots that can make your system easy target because most of the hotspot run without antivirus. It is also essential to make router password protected.
Learning While Playing Games and Taking Quizzes
I have learned a lot from these quizzes. These games/quizzes have guided me how to protect my system from hacking/cybercrimes. After taking quizzes /playing games, I learned the vulnerability of the system that makes people an easy target for hackers. There is some point I learned from the games/ quizzes that are as follows:
• Never turn off your antivirus while using hotspots if u do your system will be very easy target to hack
• Online auctions may be easy and effective to buy but do not share your personal information because you never who is behind the computer
• Always logout your mail address, bank account, social media websites, etc.
• Spam mails are the very easy to target to hack your system sometimes they send the mail as the bank statement or lottery winner etc.
• You should never take advantages of open Wi-Fi because it may be a trap for you or worse
• Make sure your antivirus always activated and up-to-date. Firewall is enabled you never know when the hacker attacks your system.
• Never give your online information until you cross check the source.
• Never provide your personal information especially (SSN#, Home Address, Work-Place, Bank Account) non-trustfully websites
Application of Identity Theft Learning in Personal life
Regarding the learning about identity theft, I have learned a lot from these quizzes/games after that I will take a measure of my system security seriously. These games have guided me how to take security measure for my system. And now I know how to apply this information in my personal life. I will not give my personal information to anyone online until I find the source is genuine then I forward my information otherwise I will ignore it. I make sure my system is protected to do this I will buy or download an antivirus, and I check auto update my antivirus so it can updates and protect my system and on my email accounts onwards. I will ignore the spam mails. I will change my router password in a month, so it has no possibility of invasion wirelessly. I enable the ad block extension in my web browser so there will no ad pop-up which can harm my system. After I play games/quizzes, I understand how important is to logout now I will log out to my all accounts. I will only buy an online item to certify websites so there will be no frauds and no tension being hacked after put my credit card number. Now most of social media websites requires your SSN workplaces records Address, which is very critical data to give it online. Most people use online dating service/websites where they have to give their personal information what security measure have the website taken to protect your identity. There are very incidents where people lose their marriage, job, money because of uploading there very personal information’s online. There a recent scandal that can make think about your security and privacy issue. There a website name Ashley Madison, which is a dating site but it eventually got hacked and loss there all data (employees and users). About 37 million users data is put online by hackers. The cache information reveals the personal emails, address, and names that cause peoples lose their marriages, jobs, social status) and it becomes the biggest hack of the year (Thielman, 2015).
Application of Identity Theft Learning At Work
At work, the security and privacy issues are increasing rapidly. In every organization, there are plenty of cases occurs in a year. Employee privacy breaching is a most common thing in organizations now a day. What I learned about this there are peoples who use computers/laptops in workplaces, using open Wi-Fi (Gross, 2010). They do not care about security in their devices because of this there are breaches in their system. The most common problem is not log outing from their the app, websites, etc. then there is an open doorway of letting someone in to steal your information as technology increasing in a workplace the employees information are going to the internet where there most of the data including their SSN#, Address, medical records, and drug tests. Sometimes, users upload data in workplace portal where data vulnerability increases and sometimes your information is not kept in an organization; the organization has to send employee salary record outsides the company to security agencies or landlord of companies (Harvard University, 2015). Clickstream is the most popular term used in the workplace where it records what web pages employee go through from time to time. The surveillance camera that is recording is going to cloud computing also a threat when there a chance of breaching Ethernet and LAN are popularly use in workplaces but what if the there system got breached there all data employers and employee is gone. In a sharing of the network there and always a window that was reading whose mail. The most workplace does not update their system, so it’s an easy target for hackers to the breached in their system (Rapp, 2015).
Application of Identity Theft Learning At School
At school, the students are not rarely aware of security and privacy terms. The students use their social media accounts and their academic records in the library and leave the computer without log out where it cause the trouble for the students and schools. In schools, there is no such awareness programs or activity that how can we prevent if someone steal your personal data and how can you trace the hacker, what security/privacy measure you should take so no one can steal your personal information. The other major problem in school is most of computer/laptop has outdated antivirus where the computer can be easy targets so it may hit schools personal information as well as students.
Schools should provide a general awareness program, so students know about the threat and know the importance of security and privacy in their systems as well as their mobiles. There should be the workshop where students learn about how can they protect their information. On other hand school has to check their systems that their antivirus is updated, the firewall is enabled, Is someone accessing the wrong sites that can make school a target. Now most of the schools takes students information and put them into their online databases or students portals where the students all information including the income of the family the parents SSN#, address, and many more. What happen if their system got breached, and schools have Ethernet or LAN, where they connect their system to the world it’s a very big vulnerability for that school who put their data in school portals. Most schools have surveillance system where they monitor schools but what measures has taken if the surveillance is breached by someone outside (Common Sense Media, 2015).
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Thielman, S. (2015). Top data security expert fears traumatic aftermath in Ashley Madison hack. The Guardian. Retrieved 3 December 2015, from http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/aug/19/ashley-madison-hack-outcome

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