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section on modifications specifically for English Language Learners

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section on modifications specifically for English Language Learners

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Logistics

Level: College

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Words: 275

Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Topic of Lesson
Past Simple Tense
Students will demonstrate the ability to identify when to apply the past simple tense appropriately and in the end to comprehend the application of this tense in the context of constructing both simple and complex sentences.
Lesson Directions
At the beginning of the lesson, the teacher ought to introduce the concept of past simple tense by building on existing student knowledge concerning other tenses through written, verbal, and non-verbal communication techniques.
Written literature such as journals should be used as reference material for achieving this objective.
5) Instructional Strategies
Instruction: The past simple tense is used to describe events that happened in the past. However, not all verbs should be changed to past tense, and not all verbs take the same form in past simple tense. What is the basic form of past tense? Which verbs do not change form in the past tense? Which verbs take unique forms in past simple tense?
Modeling: Students are required to identify the basic forms of past simple tense. Afterward, they need to identify sentences which are in past simple tense. Which verbs were difficult to understand? How best can one identify which form a verb takes in past simple tense?
Checking for Understanding: What is the importance of learning how to use past simple tense? Have the students…

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