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Scrutinizing Millennials’ Shopping Habits

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Scrutinizing Millennials’ Shopping Habits

The article has provided some comparison on the mode of treatment between the youths and the elderly people who have families. In this case, it describes that these people have different shopping styles, in that, the young always shop anytime that they like while the married Millennials would choose to be more careful with their finances since they have to consider the entire family. Moreover, the young Millennials tend to use peer affirmation from the available social channels so as to get something that suits the styles that are trending. Moreover, some Millennials do some research from the brick and mortar stores and go ahead to buy the product online. This is because they tend to find for brands that are trending and in the process, they invite some peer affirmation. The article stipulates that Millennials are the most dominant group that engages in online shopping and the most dominant shoppers in the brick and mortar stores.

Most Millennials view online shopping as an easy method since they have grown to shop online, and it has always been organized as compared to visiting the stores that are seen to be more chaotic. However, not all of them will always be online since there are some who prefer visiting the brick and mortar stores to access the products physically. To get Millennial consumers in-store, retailers have to understand how these Millennials’ shopping habits differ from those of past generations. Moreover, different stores have used merchandising in appealing to the Millennials, and this has made the consumers have a preference in certain stores as compared to others. Since there are more stores that can cater to their specific requirements, online shopping has become an easier method of accessing these products from these stores. Recent studies indicate that there are changes in the Millenial’s shopping behavior, and hence this may reshape the modes in which the brands target this demographic, these may include the reduced shopping frequency and shopping online rather than specialty and department stores.

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