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scorched by Wajidi mouawad

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scorched by Wajidi mouawad

Category: Narrative Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

Pages: 3

Words: 825

Scorched by Wajidi mouawad
Violent experiences take different forms in any society with the victims experiencing constant problems with their lifestyle. The cycle of violence shows repeated and harmful acts of violence that are associated with doctrines and high emotions of revenging. Such patterns tend to repeat and happen over and over again as a person lives. This essay aims at exploring the cycle of violence as explained by Wajidi Mouawad in her play Scorched.
In her play, Mouawad expresses concern of a mother who spent the last five years of life in silence due to the kind of life experience she faced. The woman, whom Mouawad identifies as Nawal, had final wishes for her children. One of the children by the name Janine was supposed to deliver a letter a person whom they believed died a long time ago. The other child, Simon was given a task to deliver another letter to a person their identified as their brother, but the unfortunate is that they never knew that the brother existed. The moment the two will manage to deliver the letters, their mother will then rest peacefully in her grave. The play proceeds in between Simon and Janine struggle to fulfill the wishes of their mother and the kind of hardship their mother Nawal went through in a period of fifty years. Janis Dardaris and Jacqueline Antaramian express different stages of Nawal’s life, most so Janis shows amazingly shows the life of their elder lady.
The birth of the Nawal’s first son is explained as the one having troubles as she gave birth while still at her teen age. The child was taken away from her immediately and was taken away from the village. As time moves, the mother Nawal is forced to look for her child in every corner of a country that was toned apart by horrific civil wars. She was then joined by another refugee b y the name of Sawda. Just like the other women in that region, Sawda was illiterate, and Nawal was ready to teach how to write in case Sawda would teach how to sing. Movement from between refugee camps, their friends faced a lot of violence, and they had to get hard as a result of the war that became part of their life.
Mouawad did a masterful work by showing a state that is caught in an endless series of violence, a country where violence is considered as a part of life led by the citizens. The sources of the conflicts were forgotten a long time ago, and the neighbors continue to kill one another now and then. Fathers and the brothers murder one another without any regard to spilling the blood that they share together. The play also shows some mesmerizing characters, for example, that of a ruthless sniper who was fond of schmaltzy pop music. The two women i.e. Nawal and Sawda are very courageous, and that inspires.
Even though the war is not that much far from the minds of the people, the play does not only look into the war but also the problems that the people had as they could neither favor their families or even deny their family. Such horrifying experiences forced Nawal into silence and the only way the children could restore the voice of their mother was just by understanding the silence of their mother. In the Mouawad epic play; there is the employment of dense poetic language and a lot of abstract staging to help create the theme of the cycle of violence by showing the mythical stories of the effects of the war on the lives of the individuals. There is also an employment of dialogue especially the conversation between Nawal and Sawda, shows how each of them had hard life experiences as Nawal was supposed to move from place to another in the country that experienced a lot of violence. They had to live with the problems of the war.
The cycle of violence shows the plight of the women and children as the life they led is such stressing that they seem to be hopeless and people without even a single right. The kind of life that Nawal and the other women led in that country that experienced violent war. That forced the inhabitants to live that lifestyle of war by accepting the consequences of the war and finding their ways of survival. Repeated violence in any country can so damage that its effects can affect the individuals to the extent of tampering with their psychological lifestyles. The play of the kind helps the individuals to be hard when it comes to dealing with situations of violence, and the effects of such wars are so dangerous that they can tear a country apart forcing the individuals to lead frustrating lifestyles. Every individual in a country has a duty to ensure that peaceful coexistence prevails so that individuals enjoy living together and experience the good lifestyles with their families.

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