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South Park

South Park Student’s Name Institution’s Affiliation Introduction South Park is a televised animation series that attempts to cover and simultaneously satirize various topics throughout its run. It endeavors to bring various topics of discussion to the attention of the viewers varying from abortion issues to politics. The producers of the show utilize computer animation resources to edit the episodes to suit the theme they wish to convey to the world. Thus, their production is quick which allows the people to provide comments fast on recent events. For instance, there are episodes that depict recent occurrences such as the election of President Obama as the first black president of the...

History of photography, types of photography, photography techniques

History of photography, types of photography, photography techniques Name Institution Abstract The word photography was coined from two Greek words: photo meaning light, and graph meaning drawing. Drawing using the light can be used to describe photography. When making photographs, light or another form of radiant energy like X-rays is used to create or record an image of an object on a light-sensitive surface. The early forms of photographs were called sun pictures because sunlight was used to create the image. As mentioned before, mankind has been making images at least since the cave paintings dating back to 20,000 years ago. The invention of photography has allowed for a realistic image...

Research paper on Job Requirmments

Job requirements Photography, Architectural Engineering, and Business Management Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date of Submission Introduction.Employment today has become a tough venture in this evolving and industrious world. Technology and computers that have taken up most of the jobs leading to millions unemployed people globally. This large flood of unemployment has lead to people studying even more resulting to the very competitive world in the job market today. Job Requirements of a Photographer A photography is a profession where a person takes pictures with a camera, and then edits the pictures utilizing specific software to archive a different effect of the of the taken...

Your goals for pursuing higher education

Goals for Pursuing Education Name Institution affiliates Date Goals for pursuing higher education Education comes one of the pillars that drives the globe economy at an individual, national and international levels. At individual level, my education goals are beyond the basic goals such as career development, knowledge empowerment, and economic empowerment among other basic educational goals. One of the goals of pursuing higher education has been to acquire something that someone will never take away from me. You may take all my money, wealth, friends, family and relatives, but one last thing that you will never take away from me is the Gold upstairs. The sense of having rational judgment,...

hacker Culture and Mitigation

Title: Sony Cyber Attack (2014) Thesis: The cyber-attack on Sony in 2014 led to a substantial loss of confidential data and was perpetuated by the political stand of the film “The Interview” that the firm was set to release. Introduction The Sony corporation as a stakeholder in the film industry Hacking activities and the Sony cyber-attack Thesis statement Cybercrime and Cyber warfare Distinction between cybercrime and cyber warfare Analysis of the Sony cyber-attack Classification of the attack as cybercrime or cyberwar fare Individuals and organizations behind cyber-attacks Which are the major categories of cyber-attackers? What drives the attackers? Role of the attackers in...

Love Hurts revised

Name Instructor Course Date Love Hurts Greek Heroes Romances and marriages do not always end well for our heroes or their loved ones. When we examine the cases of Dido and Aeneas, Herakles and Deianeira, and Jason and Medea, we see issues of the vulnerability that romance brings to even the most superhuman among us. We also see, however, contrasting attitudes between the Greek and Roman perceptions of the hero. Aeneas and Dido’s story of love is a tragic one as it does not end in a happily ever after as other love stories do. Aeneas was just a stranger and the prince of Troy who met Dido by chance when they go shipwrecked off the coast of Africa after being stricken by Juno. When Dido...

Critical Thinking in everyday life chapter 1

Week 1 – Levels and Steps of Critical Thinking Worksheet Note. This is a three-part assignment. Please ensure you complete all three parts. Part 1: Critical Thinking Distribution Complete the following True/False questions about Beginning Critical Thinker, Average Critical Thinker, and Advanced Critical Thinker. Refer to pp. 13-15 in Ch. 1 of Critical Thinking in Everyday Life. _True__ Beginning critical thinkers are hesitant to change the way they think about topics. _True__ Advanced critical thinkers surround themselves with people who have different opinions. _False_ Average critical thinkers do not want to think critically at all. _False_ Advanced critical thinkers believe everyone...

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

Name Institution Instructor Date Descriptive summary of The New Jim Crow novel by Michelle Alexander Introduction The new Jim Crow is a book that presents the credible and well-researched discussion of the race-related issues that resulted in the mass incarceration of African-Americans in the US. The book was written exclusively by Alexander Michelle, who is known for his contribution in the liberation of bad governance in the US. Alexander was a successful career person and a legal scholar who advocated for civil rights through authorized processes including litigation (Alexander 1). The man is credited for contributing towards the awareness creation of the oppressive governance and...

Crossfit subculture

Name Professor Course Date Crossfit Subculture Introduction Crossfit is increasingly becoming common among young people across the world. According to Usman and Davidson and Murphy and MacKenzie, Crossfit is a strength and condition program aimed at building a strong and balanced body (5; 27). Many youths are becoming sensitive about their health, which makes them to have the courage to join this exercise program. Although it was initially designed for police officers, the military, and professional athletes, many youths are finding the extremities thrilling and enjoying. Crossfit has three components that are constantly varied, high intensity, and functional movement (Boyce 7). These are...