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Sampling Structures

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Sampling Structures

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Sampling Structures
Sampling Structure
Non-probability and probability are the two ways of selecting a sample from the population of interest. In probability sampling, every unit is chosen randomly where it has a predetermined chance of being selected. Random numbers are assigned to the population in a way that they appear in the same frequency and are independent of each other. The numbers are then selected randomly, and the corresponding population unit is included in the sample (Probability and Non Probability Sampling, 2017).
Non-probability sampling uses non-random ways of selecting samples. These techniques include convenience, quota, and judgmental sampling. For convenience, the chosen samples are there and available for study. Quota sampling is based on demographic information, for instance, if it is known that 60% of the US Population is male then 60 males and 40 females are then taken to be used as a sample. In judgmental sampling, the choice of sample unit depends on the discretion of the researcher.
For Logan family case history, we can use both probability and non-probability random sampling structures (Plummer, Makris & Brocksen, 2014). Simple random sampling can be used in a specific high school where individuals are picked randomly from the age of 13 to 17 and interviewed on their view on whether abstinence in its own is enough to curb unwanted pregnancies. For equal representation, we should take 50 male and 50 females to be…

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