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Sampling Structures

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Sampling Structures

Category: Cause and Effect Essay

Subcategory: Human Services

Level: College

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Sampling Structure
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There are various sampling structures that one could utilize in the research on the identified issue of teen pregnancy and the predisposing factors. The two approaches under review in the paper include non-probability and probability sampling techniques. The two structures present different ways of sample selection and also offers different limitations and strengths. The non-probability will involve purpose sampling structure mainly comprising of individuals who conceived during their teen and the current pregnant in the same age brackets. The selection of individuals to participate in the study will follow a quota sampling approach where the research will stop upon reaching the desired sample size. The non-probability structure will offer a range of advantages as it will involve less consumption of resources and time (Nardi, 2018). However, it will result in biased findings due to an underrepresentation of the population because each unit has an unequal likelihood of getting selected for the study.
More so, the method represents a limitation on the capability to calculate error margins and confidence intervals. In the probability sampling, the sample will comprise of a range of persons of all ages and gender selected randomly from a population of assigned random numbers (Saunders, 2012). The use of this probability structure of simple random sampling will offer a range of benefits towar…

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