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Same sex marriage

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Same sex marriage

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Same Sex Marriage
Same sex marriage is a hot political debate and has been for some years now. The topic has resulted in conflict between the political and religious divides. It has also stirred passionate uprising for both of these sides (Gerstmann 215). Diane Savino, a senator, gave a passionate and moving speech on the subject, one of the few intriguing speeches on the subject. The speech was one of a king’s speech on same-sex marriage. Through this speech, Savino expressed her views on same sex marriage and the inequality exhibited by those who denied others the right to same sex marriage.
Diane Savino, before her fellow senators, took a stand in backing the concept of same-sex marriage. Ideally, Savino began the speech through outlining an otherwise astounding gravity concerning the subject through a deep sadness. She stated that the lives of many citizens in New York are hanging in the balance. The New Yorkers would either go home that day knowing that they had made history, or they would go home as very disappointed Americans. If the latter would happen, she vowed that the fight would continue nonetheless.
According to Savino, this was not just any other deal to be debated. The lives of the people would be greatly impacted by the decision made by the senators. The bill would affect the rights of Americans, and the issue was not to be made a political decision but an issue subject to fairness. Fairness wo…

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