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Same sex marriage

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Same sex marriage

Category: Argumentative Essay

Subcategory: Leadership

Level: High School

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Same-sex Marriage

The traditional idea of marriage revolves around various points which are inalienable from this institution. First, it is for procreation purposes to ensure continuity of the society in future. By giving rise to a new generation, procreation meant that society’s future became assured (Miller, 2018). On the other hand, marriage is equally critical for companionship. A man and a woman come together to support one another and stick together even long after their children mature and leave to establish their own marriages.
With these factors in mind, it becomes very clear that same-sex “marriages” threaten the traditional idea of this institution. The emerging trend has females or males marrying within their genders as opposed to embracing the natural order of heterosexual unions. By doing so, same-sex marriages defeat the procreation purposes of a traditional marriage (White, 2018). Two individuals of the same gender cannot procreate; it requires heterosexual combination of the male and female. This is why most gay couples opt to adopt children. As far as companionship is concerned, same-sex marriages also seek to provide individuals with companionship just like the traditional format.
The point of concern, however, is the impact on the definition of marriage. Normally, humans have both innate and socialized aspects. It is often difficult to change the innate qualities. On the other hand, socialized aspects con…

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