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Sales Promotion

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Sales Promotion

Category: Controversial Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: High School

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Words: 275

Sales Promotion

The article “Sales Promotion” gives an explanation of how to come up with a unique product description. Also, it advises on what to include and what needs not to be in a description aimed at dealing with competition. Besides, it emphasizes the need to understand what the target market requires before coming up with the layout.

The first element of an appealing description mentioned is creativity. It is what provokes feelings of customers and then making them perceive the product as of good standard. Creativity also influences personal conviction about the product and how the story is going to change the people’s view once the item gets to the market. Similarly, the article advises on the need to employ formal language in communicating about the item. The language used should be symbolic of the product while also showing esteem to the customer. Furthermore, there is a need to polish the words so that everyone can appreciate the product at first sight.

Sequentially, the other two elements mentioned are emotions and facts. It regards both as crucial features that should be the basis of a product description. Emotions revolve back to eliciting the customer’s conscience while facts make the product realistic. In other words, the description should not overemphasize the features but should remain within what the customer can comprehend. Besides, the description should in a way show a harmonious blend of facts and emotions to ascertain that it will captiva…

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