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Safety Analysis Report

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Safety Analysis Report

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Safety Analysis Report
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Safety Analysis Report
Question one
Defense in depth would include software security in a nuclear facility. Through software, it is easier to integrate many aspects of the facility’s security as required by the NRC regulations (NRC, 2018). Software security integrates various security activities of the facility into a continuous model. Through the integration of several aspects of the facility, it provides greater security to the facility. The facility can look to integrate its technology programs, systems, supporting processes, implementing processes and equipment. It also allows monitoring of these aspects of the facility, which becomes easier since they are integrated.
Question two
Creating a friendly and open environment for employees in the facility would ensure trustworthiness and reliability of individuals. When the employees are open and friendly, they can talk about any issues concerning the facility. Having regular employee meetings could also help in building the trust. Employees would be able to listen to others’ points of view and talk about issues affecting them in the facility.
Another effort would be to offer high salaries to these individuals with unescorted access. This ensures they cannot be bought off. This also acts as an incentive for the individuals to work hard and also be reliable.
Imposing heavy penalties on those found to be unreliable and untrustworthy is another way of ensuring …

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