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safe sex

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safe sex

Category: Article Review

Subcategory: Gender and Sex

Level: College

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Safe Sex
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Safe Sex
HIV/AIDS pandemic is still a concern particularly for the high-risk population that includes, for instance, the young people. As such, various measures have been proposed by researchers to help reduce the risk for HIV /AIDS. These preventive measures focus on how the pollution at risk can practice safe sex. Among the determinants associated with the practice of sex include, for instance, self-efficacy, attitude, optimistic bias, and risky sexual behaviors experienced in the past. On the other hand, due to the increasing population of HIV/AIDS infection among heterosexuals in the West, it is important for AIDS education to start at the young age as a way of establishing safe sex habits from the formative years. Around the world, young people are at a high risk of contracting HIV /AIDS due to their sexual habits such as engaging in casual relationships. In this regard, there is still need for further research regarding the determinants of safe sex practices. This paper reviews the pros and cons of the article written by Hardeman, Pierro and Mannetti (1997).
Pros of the article
As explained by Hardeman, Pierro and Mannetti (1997), AIDS education plays an important role in reducing HIV infection among young people. This article is also beneficial in terms of highlighting on the progress of measures targeting HIV/AIDS prevention. For instance, while more effort has gone towards the campaign to create awaren…

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