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safe patient ratios

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safe patient ratios

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Safe patient ratios
A country’s emergency departments such as Intensive Care Units have several multifaceted challenges, in spite of the fact that such departments are the backbones of a nation’s healthcare safety net. The objective of this paper is to explore safe patient ratios and its relationship with Intensive Care Units. Between 1992 and 2002, there has been an increase of visits to Intensive Care Units by approximately 23 percent (Paterick, Paterick & Waterhouse, 2014). ICUs face several challenges such as in increasing consumer activism and policy changes. That have resulted in a cut in expenditure, all of which have begun to affect their capacity to operate as the crucial units that they are.
There is a critical shortage of nursing specialists in specialty care departments that are in dire need of the competence and skills of highly trained personnel, more so in intensive care units and surgery rooms. According to research conducted by the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) between the September 2000 and February 2011, vacant positions in emergency departments take considerably longer, to fill up than those left by registered nurses (Barrett, 2014).
For several years, Emergency Departments have been faced with the challenge of determining suitable staffing. An example of a previously used method is hours per patient per visit despite its numerous disadvantages. In the few recent years, nursing establishments…

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