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Sacred Structures and Profanity

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Sacred structures and profanity
The world we are living in today is much dynamic, with new inventions across all fields of the economy, such as technology and architecture, made daily. Architecture is a field that has grown with time. Modern architects consider postmodern buildings as related to a populist ethic. The tastes and preferences of consumers of buildings have also changed with time. Whereas modernism is based on minimizing the use of materials and absence of ornaments, postmodernism’s exhibit rejection of rules set by modernists. Emile Durkheim (1858-1917) explained that all religion divides phenomenon or objects into profane or sacred. According to him, communities and individuals are united and interpreted through the celebration of religious beliefs and sacred ritual, hence enhancing the sharing of collective sentiments and solidarity in profane areas of social life.
Every aspect of life keeps on changing and this has spearheaded the rise of various extremes. Whatever was regarded right and socially acceptable transforms to be the centrally. This has contributed to the conversion of that which was sacred in the society turning out to become profane. Profane and secular aspects of life in the past have even been regarded as holy for practice. Similarly, both extremes do exist whereby architectures that are thought to be holy in one geographical location are regarded as symbolizing a highly profane practice.
It happens in geography, fo…

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