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Romeo and Juliet

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Leaves litter the backyard of Juliet’s house with the wind gushing through the tree branches. Dark clouds seem to gather slowly above catalyzing the eerie cold vibe emanating. We hear the clatter of feet at a distance slowly gaining moment. We hear the sound of heavy breathing, a man running. He seems in haste as he disregards the puddles of water he keeps stepping on. He keeps calling out a name. Then suddenly the sound of crinkly old doors been swerved open switches the attention back to Juliet’s house. She is already out on the balcony, fuming! She scolded the cold, peering at the road leading to their house looking for a face.
Title Slide: Zooms out from the balcony
Music: Orchestra piano
Motion: None

The running feet grow louder, and into the backyard runs in Antonio. This colossal size of a man, six feet ten inches tall, arms beaming out of a caged silk shirt under and sleeveless leather jacket heaved over his knees, panting. Unable to utter a word over his battle to catch his fleeing breath. Juliet scolded him for shouting all the way for he made too much noise and had woken her sleeping baby. Antonio seemingly unapologetically disregards Juliet’s anger and says, “He knows the truth, Juliet. Romeo knows.” The scene ends with the change of Juliet’s angry expression, to sudden utter speechless shock.
Title Slide: None
Music: None
Motion: None
Jumps up and down to get J…

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