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Category: Informative Essay

Subcategory: Archaeology

Level: High School

Pages: 2

Words: 550

In the early mid-nineteenth century, Transcendentalism rose in America into legendary manifestation. The fanatics alleged that knowledge could be attained through intuition and contemplation of the inner spirit. Believe was that theology existed on a person and not on the basis of the church. Transcendentalism signified a new understanding of truth and knowledge “Thoreau feels that people are conforming to prescribed norms and losing autonomy” ” (“Individuality & Social Conformity – Thoreau’s View | World Academy of Art & Science”). Henry David Thoreau, a role player in the Transcendentalist believed that persons should be self-reliant and live a simple life.
On the most basic level, Transcendentalism signified a new way of identifying truth and knowledge. People work at unfulfilling jobs just to get day by day basic needs rather than aiming at their life goals. We live their lives in the same accordance to machines by over working ourselves, in its place we should aim at our personal life goals, “Machines are tools utilized to accomplish a task. Nevertheless, autonomy is replaced by productivity” (“Individuality & Social Conformity – Thoreau’s View | World Academy of Art & Science”. By depicting such attributes men are gradually losing their humanity. Inheritance is a major way in which individuality is lost because individuals prefer to inherit materials wealth rather than work on attaining their obtained wealth. “In Thoreau’s eyes, inheritance equals lack of individuality” (“Individuality & Social Conformity – Thoreau’s View | World Academy of Art & Science”).
Moreover, public opinion on terms of Thoreau is not worthy since it deprives people off the choice of how they wish to be regarded. “Thoreau criticizes public opinion because it robs people of the choice as to how they wish to be viewed. He says opinions hamper autonomy” (“Individuality & Social Conformity – Thoreau’s View | World Academy of Art & Science”).What people think of themselves is more important than the opinion of other people since personal view is the best life’s outcome indicator. Wisdom obtained from experience on Thoreau’s point of view does not make one qualified for one to become an advisor mainly because the experience one has experienced dot match with another person’s life experience. Nevertheless, the life choice one passes through might not be the same another will undertake. (“Individuality & Social Conformity – Thoreau’s View | World Academy of Art & Science”).
Consequently, morality on the other hand represents a better way of understanding reality and knowledge. Transcendentalist owed a great liability to the romantics. “Many distinctly Romantic tropes echo through the pages of transcendental literature. Obviously, the predilection to turn to the natural world for intimations of truth was a recurrent theme for the Romantics” (“Transcendentalism – Literature Periods & Movements”).The reality of life is not on the basis of other but the basis on personal interest towards life. Romantics mainly foresee rules as a way of life by following them unlike transcendentalist who prefers to live their life on their terms “Another strongly Romantic concept that the Transcendentalists embraced was the renewed potency and potentiality of the individual” (“Transcendentalism – Literature Periods & Movements”).Life is about experience and our experience is the only thing that matters for we live different lives. Regardless of the believe people have, they may however change even if they’ve lived their entire lives on someone’s oppression. The change may be hard but in order for persons to gain individual identities, one need to inaugurate personal foundation. Transcendentalists differed somewhat from the Romantics in that they ultimately wanted to effect change, both personally and globally. Romanticism, generally speaking, was too much preoccupied with the ego and aesthetics to work for change in the real world. (“Transcendentalism – Literature Periods & Movements”)
Nature on the other hand is a symbol that offers very great ideologies. We have high chance of exploring its resources but we choose to be stagnant with the resources we all have. We are reluctant to nature and its resources while we spent time with other resources that only affects our natural ideology of life. Embracing the natural resources and utilizing them should be our key agenda rather than disregarding its existence.
In conclusion, many of the factors that apply in our lives should be personally chosen and not attained from someone else personal life style. Everyone should be given a chance to explore his or her capabilities. In order to achieve our personal goals, we need to mind our capabilities first before taking other people’s ideas. Nevertheless, rules can always be followed since they create the background of our inner self that is within us.
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