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Roman Empire and its History

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Roman Empire and its History

Category: Argumentative Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: College

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Words: 275

There has been an enormous technological advancement over the past years, this is due to vigorous innovativeness by researchers in the technological field. The technological field has been subject to tremendous evolution and the change witnessed and foreseen. Therefore, this is a similar description of the Roman Empire and the evolutions to which this empire witnessed over time. The empire witnessed different changes and each change may or may not have related to the reigning leaders who were leading the kingdom during this ancient period (Petre).
In this essay, the evolution of the Roman Empire has described and the direction to which the empire took after evolution. The evolution is certain, it considers a specific aspect in consideration to the way Rome evolved changing to an empire from a Republic. Military systems of the republic evolved as the Republic of Rome expanded to become an empire, there was a need to create a reliable defense system that would secure the growing empire from external enemies (Petre). The military expanded in size because the parties that joined forces to form the empire were quite many.

The military tactics evolved due to the evolvement of Rome into an empire, new tactics to be used in battle were devised. These tactics include; the tortoise, the wedge, skirmish formation, repel Calvary, and the orb. The tactics created were to ensure that the military forces would not only secure the empire from its enemies but also triumph in battles that fre…

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