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Role of a nurse in the therapeutic nurse-client relationship

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Role of a nurse in the therapeutic nurse-client relationship
Introduction: point of view of the topic
My point of view is that the role of a nurse in the therapeutic nurse-client relationship is important and cannot be ignored. The importance is attributable to the fact that therapeutic services are delicate medical services that determine the lives of individuals. The services may lead to early death of individuals if poorly undertaken or additional health complications (Antai-Otong, 2007). Hence, they should be executed by professionals who are well-trained, know what they are doing, professionals who can relate well with patients and understand their needs. The services must also be delivered in adherence to quality standards and best medical practice that nurses are known to offer. Quality therapeutic services are also offered when there is an effective nurse-patient relationship. The need for adherence to the quality standards and the realization of effective nurse-patient relationship that is integral in the management of therapeutic patients explains the important role of nurses.
Why the point of view
The point of view that nurses play a critical role in the therapeutic nurse-client relationship and that they should be involved in the process is based on diverse reasons. The first reason is that nurses are well-trained to handle such medical cases, and they understand what they are doing including what patients need to recover. Nurses are also…

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