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Role Models

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Role Models

Category: Informative Essay

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Level: College

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Role Models
My role model and particular behavior that inspires me
My role model at work is our team’s manager. He provides so much support and facilitates the spirit of a team. He is so skilled at what we do and offers not only emotional but also technical support at the workplace. Being a new team member, and I am so skilled at what we are supposed to do but the manager of our team has always provided chances for me to learn and make mistakes. The tolerance he has been exhibiting is the value I admire from him; it gives team members to develop confidence in what we do, and also it relieves work related stress induced by very strict managers.
What the person does to inspire me to the point of emulation
I would wish to learn his ability to teach new employees on technical skills related to what we and share with others with at least half of the tolerance limit he has. That understanding inspires me to learn all I can to ensure I become the best in the team and maybe one day be given a chance to run a team.
A scenario he changed the organization positively because of the characteristic I admire.
My manager’s team always emerges with high results regarding employee performance. The institution has noted his training and mentoring skills and has been giving him a rotation in various groups to mentor them in what they are supposed to do. This has led to the institution having most of its employees achieving high-quality results in their assignments that profit the institution.
His communication skills and what I would emulate
He is polite to junior staff and considers his team members as equals. He is quick to listen before correcting since he believes he may also learn something from us. I have been trying to emulate his polite talking and non-judgmental attitude.
Explain how the organization is a better place because of the presence of that person.
The organization is at a better place with him for he can be used as a role model and reference on how each person should conduct themselves within the organization. His skills and ability to teach others is already being shared across the organization, and since many admire his working pattern and personality, he is already transforming the organization’s fabric.
How I can change my personal behavior to enhance my career
Based on his conduct in the workplace, I would like to be like him regarding communication skills and increase the levels of tolerance towards others. This would make be slow to anger and be friendlier to both customers and clients. My career would be at a better place since I would also have developed better teamwork and leadership capacities.
Compare the role model that you discussed in your initial posting to a peer’s role model.
The difference between the role model and peer role model is that a role model provides ultimate leadership and earns full admiration from all the team members, as they emulate hi/her conduct (Mitchell, 2011). But a peer role model is whereby a team’s members actively share knowledge and skills, emotional and social support to each other as indicated in the article by (Walters, 2015).
What are the similarities and differences between the two leaders?
They are both providers of moral and technical support in the groups they are. They are both admired by people in the same group and are assumed to be outstanding in whatever interest the group is pursuing. Their main difference is that the role model is above other group members while the peer role model is on the same level as other group members but with some outstanding (Walters, 2015).
Assess whether the peer’s role model would also be someone you would consider a role model based on the information provided in their initial posting.
Yes, I would consider a peer to be a role model since they have similar characteristics that are outstanding in the particular aspect I would want to achieve as an individual with time in the groups and my career.
Mitchell, M. (2011, July 13). What is a Role Model? Five Qualities that Matter. Retrieved October 30, 2015, from http://www.rootsofaction.com/what-is-a-role-model-five-qualities-that-matter-for-role-models/
Walters, G. D. (2015). Someone to Look Up to Effect of Role Models on Delinquent Peer Selection and Influence. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, 1541204015569317.

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