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My mother is my role model and she is the most inspiring person I have ever known. She has no idea how motivating she is which makes her so special. My mother leads the whole family and guards my siblings with just being herself, she shows us what she values most leading by example, providing food at the table and ensuring we live with a roof on our heads. She encourages us to never give up in life and to study hard. She never makes rude comments or discourage anyone and she always encourage us to be like so treating everyone we meet with respect. Her teaching is that people should be proud of who they really are and make smart decisions to avoid shame. She cares for those she loves genuinely and our needs come before hers, she is very humble, selfless and determined, she believes in equal treatment of everyone, she meets every challenge that arises with each of us children with a new process fit to the respective child’s needs and personality. My mother’s goal is to make us independent, very successful and competent and as she encourages me to push my limits and solve all the challenges through the struggles, she sometimes gets mad but eventually she supports me in every situation, she can do anything within her capability to make us successful for instance she would wake up at five to prepare breakfast for us and pray that we excel in our studies and sometimes she would come home with a back pain or a neck …

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