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Rhetorical Visual Analysis Essay

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Rhetorical Visual Analysis Essay of the talk
Within the discipline of rhetoric, the study of visual imagery is known as visual rhetoric. This study uses symbols to send a message to the target audience. The paper will conduct a rhetoric analysis of the image of “The Talk” by Michael D’Antuono. It was painted during the period where African Americans were discriminated in American and were killed, without legally charging their killers. The image displays black parents talking to their black son, on the background a television news is running, showing that a police had shot a black youth and was allowed to walk free by the American justice system. The American justice system was corrupted, and a lot of impunity for white police who killed innocent black youths was common.
The following are compositional elements of “The Talk”; Unity, represent the harmonization of the parts of the art. The position of the son, the parents, and the television in the background and the color are perfect. Balance, the image symmetrical and hence creates a sense of liveliness for one to understand the image communication without prior explanation. Movement, a sense of movement is created in this image by the orientation of the mothers hand on the boy’s knee. Also, the images on the Television are in motion since it’s an ongoing news session. Also, the father has rested his chin on his hands folded showing a flowing emotional moment…

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