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Category: Application Letter

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

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Nearly all private higher education institutions are receiving an endowment from its alumni; which is a phenomenon of feedback to the college. The earnings of these institutions should not be negative because this money is post-taxation earnings from the alumni. Therefore, it could be disgusting if the money is double-taxed by the tax collection agencies. Secondly, private universities have obligations more than only teaching students that are researching and developing technologies in different fields. Therefore, the institutions need to find a way of funding their projects for them to be in a position to meet their day to day obligations. The endowments are, however, not only to private institutions but also to big state schools since the schools to have many obligations that they are required to fulfill. The big state schools are given the opportunity to receive the endowment due to the high population in the schools and the activities that the students do carry out including research.
The earnings that the institutions receive from alumni should not undergo the taxation process. Therefore, whoever thought of taxing these earning have evil minds. The US Constitution protects the right to have private, and the owner of the fortune has the right to deal with it. They can construct buildings all over the institution. On the same note, they have the choice to give the money to a non-profit organization. Therefore, once th…

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