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Review on the movie Titanic by James Cameron

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Review on the movie Titanic by James Cameron

Category: Movie Review

Subcategory: Film and Theater

Level: Masters

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

Review on the movie Titanic by James Cameron. Film Review Using 9 Elements. Reviewing the movie Titanic comes naturally to me because it is one of my best movies. The storyline is captivating. The plot of love entangled with an eventual tragedy elicits empathy from its audience. This is a story that transcends the different timelines of modern day film viewership.
The basic idea of the film revolves around romantic relationships between people of different social classes. This brings about a theme of love overcoming social obstacles. The film is about the relationship between the main characters Jack and Kate. Jack is from a lower social class in comparison to Kate. This relationship appears to be honest as it provides the viewer with a reality check up. The theme has been treated honestly by providing the main characters with various stumbling blocks. The honesty is visible as the same incidents have been found to happen in real life. The theme creates a relationship with the plot. The treasure hunter brings in Kate to help with the search. This bridges the different plots by bringing in the memories of Kate’s love story. Throughout the movie, the theme of love is compounded by trust via metaphors. Trust is a key component of love. Kate exhibits this trust when she states that she would rather get onto a lifeboat with Jack instead of doing the same with Cal. She admits that seems insane, but she would rather go with Jack, an obvious metaphor insinuating towards the instant…

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