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the moral limits of market

The Moral Limits of the Market Name Institution Introduction The article "What Money can't buy" by Michael J. Sandals is a very debatable article which talks about how the American society has transformed from being a vibrant market to a market society. He clearly explains how the market these days has changed from selling ‘real commodities" to selling services or commodities that are not worth selling in his perspective. The novel portrays his disappointments with the current system of marketing and the effects it has impacted to the morals of the society. He is more concerned with how corruption has tarnished the sense of hard work as a virtue in the society and how it has made people...

Reflective Journal

Social Work and Human Services Name: Institutional Affiliation: Social Work and Human Services Working as a social worker involves improving the quality of life among groups, families and communities through practice, policy, social welfare and intervention. All these facets can only be achieved when individuals are prepared well through the relevant courses and practices in school. Working as an intern with people with mental problems provides a learner with vital knowledge that can be used later as a social worker. Coupled with the experiences as an intern, different areas of discussion in class were also important. Issues of substance abuse, suicide and homicide and PTSD were particularly...

Walk well my brother by farley moway

Name Institution Teacher Date Walk Well, My Brother At its heart, Walk Well, My Brother, is a story about people. No matter how many books one reads, or studies one conducts, one can never truly understand how the mind of an individual works unless one looks deep into their psyche. Walk Well, My Brother is a story about that very journey, of how two individuals came to know and respect each other in a time of hardship, and how it changed their perspective on life, and added to their own. This paper talks about the very change: Charlie and Konala thought that their lives were all that they could be, but they were both missing a specific essence from within themselves. By the end of the...

Comparative Study on the Theme of Death between Lord of the Flies and Mrs. Dalloway

The gap between Mrs. Dalloway (1925) by Virginia Woolf and Lord of the Flies (1954) by William Golding is about three decades. The background of the former deals in the first aftershock of devastating World War I whereas; the latter shows the apocalyptic situation of mankind after World War II. Both of the authors in these two novels are very much aware of the common catastrophe that is death. However, they treated the theme in complete different ways. Moreover, a many implicit issues impacted the characteristics of their individual treatment. Virginia Woolf is a quite radical figure in British literature as well as in world literature. She incorporated the instability and deconstructed view of...

Mexican-American War

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date The Mexican-American War, and its importance toward American Leadership In this essay, we intend to give a clear picture of the events that lead to the Mexican-American War. Also, we will show how the war went for the American side, and finally, we shall show how the war shaped the destiny of the modern United States, and the position it has today in the international politics. In this essay, we intend to focus on the American vision of what happened in the war. However, if we deem it necessary, we shall contrast our sources in order to give the most unbiased version possible. In that way, if an account or a source is heavily biased toward one...

Most and least important video

Name Teacher’s name Course Date Most and Least Important Video Lesson in Unit III. In my opinion, the most important video lesson in Unit III is ‘Jefferson’s Vision of America,’ as it led to the expansion of the United States to what it is today. Jefferson was a man enthusiastic about farming and wanted to expand framers opportunities through the acquisition of more land. Nonetheless, his main worry was that America's population was growing at such a rapid rate that would result in an increased demand of land rendering farming a financially demanding operation. Accordingly, he thought of a solution to expand the land which led to the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Jefferson was also a...

memo for paralegal studies class

Name: Professor: Course: Date: Memo TO: Jay’s mom FROM: Law Firm DATE: May 5, 2014 SUBJECT: Memo for paralegal studies class False imprisonment falls under the jurisdiction of a tort or a crime. Under the intentional torts, the imprisonment entails the process of detaining individuals, hence limiting their freedom. False imprisonment can also be termed as false arrest, which is an intentional tort. Under this, the individuals are arrested after considering the laws that are in existence. False imprisonment can, therefore, be an intentional tort, because freedom of movement for an individual is restricted. A tort is harmful because it results in injury to another person. It is vital to...

Write a description of a remarkably beautiful or interesting scene- a landscape, a group of people, a horse, a friend.

Name: Institution: Course: Date: Fairy Chimneys Sitting on the high plateau of the central Anatolia in Turkey, the fairy chimneys is one of the most beautiful places on earth. From a distance, one would think of this location as a group of community buildings with chimneys. The others that protrude higher are seen from a distance as story buildings. The misconception, however, is cleared as an individual draws closer to the place. The landscape presented here, is the composition of rocks and not buildings as would be seen from a far distance. Myths and theories have been presented as to the formation and existence of this beautiful scene. Some say that the magnificence of the place could only...


OSHA Name Institution OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is an agency of the U.S. Department of Labor mandated with the responsibility of promoting healthy and safe conditions for all employees. Its mission is to ensure that the workplace is free of hazards that could potentially lead to injuries, illnesses and deaths; thereby, promotes workers’ safety and safeguards their health. OSHA had reduced occupational deaths by 62% and injuries by 42%, by 2009, since its inception in 1971 (McCauley-Bush, 2012). OSHA achieves its mission through formulation and emphasis on standards, providing training, education, and outreach services to both employers and employees. Nursing homes...