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Response Paper: Social Media

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Response Paper: Social Media
Stuart’s Purpose in Writing the Article

In his article, Stuart focuses on educating law enforcement officers regarding the risks and rewards associated with the use of social media in their domain of work. He classifies the benefits of social media to law enforcement agencies as public relations, crime investigation, and prevention. According to Stuart, departments associated with law enforcement can open new communication avenues with the general public by increasing their presence on social media (Stuart 138). Social media allows these agencies to not only receive instantaneous information from the public, but it also acts as an electronic platform for interaction through the making of inquiries, suggestions, and providing useful tips for crime prevention (Stuart 138). Regardless of the numerous benefits linked with the use of social media in law enforcement, Stuart warns police departments against potential risks related to the mixing of personal and professional life on these sites.

Dangers of Social Media Use by Police Officers
Issues related to the converging of professional and personal life are the main danger of social media use by law enforcement officers that Stuart highlights in his article. Notably, most officers reveal their identity as members of law enforcement on these platforms. It is vital to note that the mixing of personal and professional life is a potential source of discredit to not only the officers but also their depa…

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