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Levels of evidence
There are several levels of evidence of a methodological study that range from the strongest to the weakest. They include proof from:
A systematic evaluation of randomized controlled trials (RCTs).
Well-designed RCTs.
Well-designed control trials without randomization.
Case-control and cohort studies.
Descriptive and qualitative study systematic reviews.
One descriptive or qualitative study.
Authorities opinions and expert committees reports CITATION Kre18 l 1033 (Kreuger, 2018).
Systematic reviews remain based on clinically practicing topics systematically searched for and summarized according to a specific issue. It is usually not present in many nursing practices. RCTs are trials assigned randomly between two groups namely: the experimental and the control group. Their differences stay determined from the outcomes.
In the control trials without randomization case, a well-designed study with control involved but the researcher uses another method other than randomization. For instance, research in a hospital of infectious diseases and how the bacteria spread when the patients do not wash their hands.
Much of nursing evidence comes from the level four category: the case-control and trial studies CITATION Pat15 l 1033 (Burns, 2015). Cohort studies stay based on an assembled group of research like a group of patients with a particular cancer disease are followed up to see their gradual improvement. Case-control looks back in time, unlike coh…

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