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Research Methods Essay

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Research Methods Essay

Category: Critical Essay

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: Academic

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Research Methods Essay
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Research Methods Essay
The nature of human beings keeps on changing with the evolving world. In order to understand human beings behaviour and mind, Psychology was introduced as an applied science where it is studied in schools as an academic discipline. Psychology attempts to understand human beings more through establishing theories and conducting research to try and prove those theories and also researching different areas of interest with the intention of gaining knowledge that explains human behaviour and mind.
There are two types of research generally exploratory research that includes qualitative design and explanatory research which includes hypothesis testing and quantitative design. The epistemology that is also known as the philosophy of knowledge is a relative of methodology. Epistemology is concerned with how humans come to know the reality while methodology points out the steps followed to realize the reality (Neuman, 2005).
Quantitative research paradigm
This approach attempts to be empirical in its nature by being objective, generalizing findings and being replicable. It ensures validity through conducting pilot experiments and an enhanced process of clarification. By being objective, this means that the experiment or the research work is not connected directly to the researcher that is the researcher and the experiment is apart. It is based on quantitative data that is mathematical …

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