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Social structure

Question one Social structure may refer to the patterned social relations, which simply implies to those regular and repetitive elements of the interactions between the members of a given social organization, for example, community, society, etc. The environment, on the other hand, refers to anything that surrounds a living organism and influences its behavior or actions. Social structure refers to the system of socioeconomic stratification, social institutions, or other organized relations between large social groups. Social structure or more simply the way social relationships are patterned is directly or indirectly dependent on the environment or the context under which these relationships are...

Film Analysis Paper:

SOCIOLOGICAL CONCEPTS AND THEORY IN BLAZING SADDLESName Institution Introduction Sociology, as well as the theories related to the field of societies, is conspicuous in films. The three main theories of sociology that are largely presented are structural functionalism, conflict theory, in addition to symbolic interactionism. So as to properly demonstrate how these theories are represented in movies, it is imperative to begin by understanding and having a working definition of the respective theories. In structural functionalism, cultures are regarded as creatures with independent parts. The implication is that all features of society, or all people within a society, function as...


Reflection Name Institution Reflection It is no doubt that sociology remains a relevant subject that does not only highlight the social challenges but provides insight on how such problems can be resolved in order to improve human life. During this semester, I got an ample opportunity to learn a lot of skills that, if put into practice, will be of much help to me in my capacity as an individual and a professional. Most importantly, I acknowledge the lessons learnt from the book Robert J. Brym and John Lie’s Sociology: Pop Culture to Social Structure in which the scholars provide an insight on sociology as a diverse area of study. As explained by these writers, sociology is a useful...

coercive federalism

Name Instructor Course Date Coercive Federalism Coercive Federalism is a contentious concept of government that has seen the central government exercise more authority over its states. This form of leadership is based on a strong centralized government that imposes orders and mandates to the states without necessarily providing funding to implement the said requirements. Subsequently, to receive any grants from the central government, the states are required to follow the mandates laid down. Much controversy has arisen which has led to the straining of relations between the federal government and state governments. Partisan polarization has become the character of coercive federalism. The...

The biology of gender

Name: Professor: Course: Date: Introductory Definition to Gender Gender and sex, the two terms that many people believe to mean the same thing, but that have diverse meaning. Gender is provided by nature while sex is provided to an individual by nurture. Simply put, sex is assigned to an individual long before birth, by either natural assignment of XX chromosome for a lady, or XY chromosome for a man for their genetical composition (Sterling 119). However, gender includes the socially assigned duty based on one’s sex. Ladies are supposed to dress, behave act and carry out duties that are quite distinct from boys. The social expectation of behaviour based on the sex of an individual makes up...

Hume, Socrates, and Plato’s beliefs.

Name Institution Instructor Date Hume, Socrates, and Plato's beliefs How Socrates is the first Philosopher of Ethics Socrates is considered as the first philosopher ethics because of his underlying belief that ethics revolves around wisdom, maturity and love. He introduced the idea of teaching ethics and accepted code of behavior in 400 B.C (Peterson 14). According to Peterson (36), Socrates believed that there was a close relationship between knowledge and virtue which he believed was "the good." To him, "the good" were actions that were reasonable and positive if those actions were weighed by the ethical and understanding of virtue. The point in ‘The Allegory of the Cave" by Plato is...

Your goals for pursuing higher education

Goals for Pursuing Education Name Institution affiliates Date Goals for pursuing higher education Education comes one of the pillars that drives the globe economy at an individual, national and international levels. At individual level, my education goals are beyond the basic goals such as career development, knowledge empowerment, and economic empowerment among other basic educational goals. One of the goals of pursuing higher education has been to acquire something that someone will never take away from me. You may take all my money, wealth, friends, family and relatives, but one last thing that you will never take away from me is the Gold upstairs. The sense of having rational judgment,...

Theory of Knowledge

Author’s NameProfessor Course Title Due Date Theory of Knowledge Theory of knowledge has been seen to evolve as the natural theory of selection. It development is attributed to the evolution of organisms as natural evolution depicts. The theory of knowledge is less the same as the Darwinian theory of selection and hence many authors like using such metaphors like knowledge within a discipline developed in line with the precepts of natural selection theory. Such metaphors have gained a great importance among those in need for the search of wisdom. For instance, it is interesting, and we should believe that only knowledge that is justified and hold the truth in it will survive and hence passed...

Every Cat Has a Story

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Analysis of “Every Cat has a Story” by Naomi Shihab Nye In this essay, we shall analyze the paragraphs and situations of the poem that caught our attention in the most vivid way. In order to thoroughly analyze them, we aim to cite them and then point at the discussable issues “We buried our faces  in her sweet fur.” We consider that this verse uses a metaphor to convey the softness of the cat, and the sensation of caressing the animal. The sweetness can relate to the love the owner feels toward the cat, and the well-being of having a pet. “At night she played sonatas on my quilt.” This one refers to the meowing, or yowling...