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Relationship Bewteen Federal And State Government

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Relationship Bewteen Federal And State Government

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The Relationship to Federal & State Government
The constitution of U.S. excludes the local units of government in most fields though the national government remains in control of some powers over the local governments. Individual states are controlled by the federal government as a whole. For instance, funds for development projects such as those for house, constructions are provided by the federal government direct to the cities whereas small and specified projects such as roads, wastewater treatment are controlled by the states under the monitory of the federal government (‘Constitutional Law. Relations Between State And Federal Government. Employee Of Federal Governmental Instrumentality Held Subject To State Taxation’).
In the Minnesota Constitution, local governments simply refer to the small units of administration such as counties, cities as well as specified public institutions such as hospitals and schools. These projects are related in that they all run under the regulation of the state law and the control of the stat. In additionally, local government in Minnesota enjoys optimum sovereignty of the state legislation. The exception to this sovereignty indicates that the constitution home provisions that grant the city an opportunity to enact laws that can outline the powers of its separate powers as a government (‘Constitutional Law. Relations Between State And Federal Government. Employee Of Federal Governmental Instrumentality Held Subject To State Taxation’). The only caution that needs to be under consideration is keeping in harmony with the Minnesota Constitution that is applied at home. The state laws when not taken care of, they outdo the formed charters. This shows a close interrelation between the state and the federal government.
Question two
Current issue that brings tension between federal and federal power
There is a conflict between the rights issues such as the legalization of abortion, gay marriage, implementation of the death penalty, as well as the use of marijuana. These provisions conflict with the recommendation of the federal laws. For instance, following the ruling by the Supreme Court on the case of Gonzales v/s Raich, it is illegal for an individual to use marijuana at whatever cost. The same thing happens in the case of Gonzales v/s Oregon where the decision of the Supreme Court directed that the use of physician- aided suicide is legal more particular in Oregon. The constitution of US requires that all people within the states ought to observe all the provisions of the constitution.
Basing on the issue of illegalization of marijuana by the Supreme Court, it is important for the state to leave the matter to the federal government since the effects of the consumption of this substance affect the entire nation. The use of marijuana impairs the working of the brain and at times causes youth to indulge in immoral activities such as theft (Kamin). The legalization of marijuana in the states is a contradiction of the requirements of the federal government.
It is important for the decision of legalization of any substance or controversial issues to be left to the federal government.
Federal government reflects a wide overview of the whole country and the decisions that are made by the federal government should be final and substantial (Kamin). Allowing states to pass such laws like the one that allows for the use of marijuana is against the overall outlook of the nation and it gives the U.S a bad picture to the outside world since it is the Super Power.
Question Three
How legalization of Marijuana is relevant to Texas Politics
There were five bills on the issue of legalization of marijuana where firm penalties on the use of marijuana were uplifted in Texas as per their governor. Adults were allowed to use without limits in the Lone Star States. One of the five laws that were passed included legalization of the use of marijuana for medical purposes especially for ill patients,
The laws led to varied ideas by several politicians such as Joe Moody, who proposed that only a heavy penalty of $250 would be imposed on individuals found with an ounce of marijuana (Kamin). The bill failed in due to limited time hence still providing room for arrestment of individuals fond with the drug. MPP has also started an initiative to reduce more penalties on those found with marijuana. They are working together with other groups to improve on the medical use of marijuana.
Politically, it is evident that politicians at states level are manipulating for the use of marijuana without limit. The result of this approach is going to be a worsened society in Texas as well as the rest of U.S citizens more so the youth.
Question four
Personal perspective
The legal rights issue need to be left under the federal government to reduce the chaos and the negative impacts resulting from the use of marijuana. For instance, in Colorado, the use of marijuana has increased the fatal traffic accidents. There has been a higher rate of suspension and expulsion from schools due to the use of marijuana. There has been an increase in the rate of hospitalization cases by 82% since 2008 due to the legalization of Marijuana. The states governments should leave the issue rights in the hand of federal government to enhance unity and smooth flow.
Work cited
‘Constitutional Law. Relations Between State And Federal Government. Employee Of Federal Governmental Instrumentality Held Subject To State Taxation’. Harvard Law Review 52.6 (1939): 1010. Web.
Kamin, Sam. ‘Marijuana Legalization In Colorado — Lessons For Colombia’. SSRN Electronic Journal n. pag. Web.

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