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Relationship Between Qualitative Analysis and Evidence-Based Practice

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Relationship Between Qualitative Analysis and Evidence-Based Practice

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There has been an increasing emphasis on evidence in the social work profession, especially in the field of nursing. Evidence-based practice largely involves the incorporation of research-based evidence and clinical expertise into the practice of nursing with a view to improving patient outcomes. Qualitative analysis plays a key role in enhancing evidence-based practice. With the rapidly evolving nature of the social work profession, there is an increased need for decisions supported by evidence. Much of the evidentiary knowledge essential for social workers is enhanced through qualitative research and analysis. In evidence-based practice, the qualitative analysis provides reference points upon which decisions are grounded. (Grove, Burns, & Gray, 2014).
The article Evidence-based practices, attitudes, and beliefs in substance abuse treatment programs serving American Indians and Alaska Natives: A Qualitative study by Larios, Wright, Jernstrom, Lebron, and Sorensen, 2011 presents an exploration of people’s attitudes with regard to the incorporation of evidence-based treatments (EBTs) into treatment programs for substance abuse focused on the minorities in San Francisco Bay. Based on this article, negative attitudes toward evidence-based practice, mistrust, and people’s fear of being exploited by the researchers were the main reasons for the underutilization of evidence-based treatments in …

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