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Refugees impact of globalization on a human rights issue

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Refugees impact of globalization on a human rights issue

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Refugees Impact of Globalization on Human right issue
The increasing number of refugees in various nations is a major cause of concern in the current globalized world. The problem is triggered by the need for enhanced security, better living standards, and other basic human needs. The problem is real and most nations are getting confused on how to deal with the situation based on the socio-economic and political impacts in the countries in which they migrate. This is because some refugees turn to be instrumental assets while, in some instances, they contribute in criminal activities. For instance, in Germany, refugees are valued and offered job opportunities especially the skilled ones while in other nations they are seen as a burden to the growth of the economy (England and Derrick 1). They are treated with contempt in the nations since they participate in criminal and terror activities. Such actions make most nations uneasy with foreigners hence impede globalization.
In most instances, it is worth recognizing that the refugees’ human rights are violated when they are many, and the hosting country lacks the capacity to provide their needs adequately. Under such conditions, their human rights to quality health care, education, social protection, security and acquisition of food may be compromised. Their rights to free movement and speech may also be affected. The adversities the refugees face have prompted many non-governmental organizations to oversee these rights and make sure that they are not disregarded to ensure globalization initiatives are not threatened. Examples of these organizations include; Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty-international and International Service for Human Rights. This essay provides argumentative information based on the refugees impact of globalization on the human right, issue.
Refugees impact on globalization and human rights
The impact of refugees on human rights and globalization can be categorized into decent and negative effects.
The first notable negative effect is that increased refugee migration into another nation increases its vulnerability to terror attack threats and crime rates. For instance, some of the refugees may be terrorists or members of dangerous terror groups who may take advantage and plan terror attacks in the hosting nations. Similarly, the increase in crime rates can be evident due to an expansive population that in turn advances the needs of the people (Rashid and Muhammad 217). That is when the population increases and resources remain limited many people will lack credible sources of income yet the need to survive. To satisfy the needs, they will have to resort to unorthodox or illegal ways of acquiring resources such as stealing hence the increase in crime.
In the long run, the rate of crime and terrorism will increase hostility between the natives and the foreigners hence hinder globalization. No one would want to associate with people who participate in criminal activities that lead to loss of life and physical injuries. Subsequently, the increasing number of immigrants in the host countries leads to an acute shortage of basic human needs such as food, quality education, and decent housing. The shortage creates a social gap that makes a group of individuals feels neglected hence find it difficult to integrate or globalize with others.
According to the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR), each and every child and adult has the right to education and the right to access quality health facilities (Onuoha 152). However, these rights cannot be fully satisfied in most nations due to lack of capacity to meet the needs of the high number of the refugee population. This has been a challenge in Kenya, Philippines, US and other nations. Therefore, many refugees continue suffering as their rights to education and other basic need being violated despite the efforts of human rights organizations (Jebertz and van der Ven 5). The rights of refugees regarding the freedom of speech, association and movement, are also violated in most instances. They are issued with permits restricting their movement and association in the host nations. Such actions affect globalization that thrives in an environment where individuals feel satisfied and equal.
However, refugees can be of great importance to both the economy and the society. For instance, doctors in Australia stepped up to fight for the release of immigrant children. Their action will eventually increase activist activities and in the long term equality and fairness in the rights of citizens in the whole country. Also, some of these refugees are educated, and they work in the host countries (Poppovic and Oscar 18). As they work, the Gross domestic product of the host country raises and this in turn results in the betterment of the living standards of the citizens of that country. The favorable living standard means that those who could not access better health care would gladly do so due to increased personnel. This would facilitate the achievement of the right to better health care and in turn promote globalization.
Refugee management policies and what the US is doing about the issue
In US various policies have been put in place to protect the basic rights of refugees and other immigrants. The policies contained in the Refugee Act of 1980 include employment policy, health care policy, education policy, food and social welfare policy among others (Kupper 2). The employment policy provides that immigrants are eligible for employment in the nation especially the skilled ones while health care policy gives them the entitlement for receiving standardized medical services. Similarly, education policy accords them the opportunity to attend local schools, learn and interact with the natives while food policy provides that they should be assisted with basic items such as food for sustainability.
Despite the prevailing policies, the US is doing everything within its power to treat immigrants with dignity and respect to humanity. The government is keen in ensuring that the immigrants are not mistreated but accorded necessary support to empower them socially and economically (Kupper 4). On the other hand, high powered plans are underway to have most immigrants moved back to their respective nations through a structured refugee admission and resettlement program. The US is doing so by leading peace and reconciliation negotiations to restore economic and political stability in the nations. For instance, the US lead resettlement program of refugees in Iran, Cuba, the Soviet Union among other nations.
Why refugee remains a problem and rights of humans
Refugee migration remains a real problem to date because of civil war, political conflicts, inadequate/lack of resources and economic instability. Notable nations that have been affected include but not limited to Somalia, South Africa, US, Syria, and Iran. Refugee At 1980 provides that refugees and humans have been right to life, shelter, food, security, quality health care, education and others.
Conclusion and economic instability
Indeed, it is important to note that refugees have more negative effects than positive ones that in turn impede the realization of globalization goals including social integration. Despite the fact that the impact of refugees depends on how the hosting countries take them, overpopulation of refugees in a hosting nation will, in the long run, results in the violation of basic rights. It is difficult for most countries especially third world nations to accommodate a large number of refugees and still benefit from this population optimally especially if they are mixed with criminals including terror group members. Therefore, when refugees migrate to a country, the citizens of that particular country and the refugee themselves are likely to be deprived of some of their human rights, and that’s one of the negative effects of globalization. They also cause economic instability given that their entry increases the population while the available resource remains stagnant or scarce. This leads to overstretching of the economy as the available resources would not be able to satisfy the prevailing needs of the population hence create economic imbalance and impede globalization.
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