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Reflective Writing

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Reflective Writing

Category: Book Review

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Reflection Essay on Formal Learning
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Reflection Essay on Formal Learning
This essay describes my personal experience in attaining learning goals that I intended to achieve in the formal learning. The reflection examines my development during the learning period in addition to other issues encountered in particular events endeavored upon. Going through formal education is a norm in every country. Higher education, therefore, is a major criterion used by employers as an indicator of competence. The experience from formal learning cannot be overestimated in this country. The best theory that describes my learning experience is the Cognitive approach. According to this theory, involves an active mind of the learner in developing and processing learning opportunities that exist (Atherton, 2015). The instructor (if present) and the student engage to determine the most suitable method to instill understanding of the concept in question.
As Dewey put it, learning is a progressive process that involves “learning to think”. Rather than accomplishing a task, learning further requires reflection and learning from the same assignment. The purpose of this approach is to attain an optimal learning environment to articulate the present problems in preparation for additional inquiry. Dewey’s theory rejects the conventional theory that regards the learner as a passive role player whiles the tutor. He argues that learning can only happen while the s…

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